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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How AI and robotics are taking over the manual machines?

As we know the invention and innovation of new technology from the past till and now and even in the future as amazing mankind. It not only helped them in their daily work but those machines started to work by themselves.

In many places, you have seen manual machinery as turned into automated and robotic. You just need to give command and thing will be done in great speed for you.

This technology made many things to do possible which was was difficult to think earlier.

technology | robotics | artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (A.I):-

This part of technology is studied and bring the revolution in the technological world. First, you must know what is AI? and how does it work?

AI is software which learns and can think by itself like humans. It learns the thinks as it experiences new thing.

You have seen this in many sci-fi movies like Jarvis in Iron Man movies. It can interact with Tony Stark and give his opinions and do the things of it owns without waiting for someone to come and execute the program.

Here you can say that now machines are not just a lump of metal but it can think.

In the same way in our day to day life, we have seen many AI's such as Google's AI on searching for something it suggests and completes the sentence for us, Amazon echo which is small cylindrical devices that interact with us and perform the task as we voice command it.

technology | robotics | artificial intelligence

There are many courses has been made to study and develop AI. People are showing more and more interest in it.


On robotics, people were working from the start. Humans always needed someone who can work for them without getting tired for days together.

At first, the simple tools were bought together and made complex machines. Those complex machines cannot move so it made to move by its own.

Robotics is not just the machine but it is a technology which was invented to do impossible things for humans.

Human life and strength both are limited. We age and die soon. So we can only do limited work and wait for the next generation to carry out our work. So robotics was invented so that it can do things faster and reach the places which are hard to go.

technology | robotics | artificial intelligence

It helped mankind in various ways. Not just saving time but it is used in almost all industries and in future our world will be surrounded by robots.


This has both pros and cons within it, but overcoming those things may change our view on it. Due to this many of them just lost their jobs and now unemployment as started. But keep in mind evolution is important in order to survive.

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