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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Technology-what are 7 types of it?

Almost every human born on this planet are dependent and uses technology. Let it be of any kind or type each one of us survive on it. Without using or been depending on technology human race would go extinct.

But this is not all about we are going to discuss. We will look for the classification of technology.

Technology is classified into seven different categories and each one of it indicates different field in which human is totally dependent on it.

  1. Construction
  2. Agricultural tools
  3. Communication
  4. Energy and Power
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Medical
  7. Transportation 

So let us look into it one by one in detail.


In normal words, it's just constructing a building using the machine to build. Machines asset humans and help them in constructing.

It may be from a brick furnace machine to crane to lift heavy metal from the ground to top. Without technology, it would be a human dream to build multi stories.

technology | construction

Agricultural tools:-

This one is a basic need of humans to survive. From digging the ground till harvesting and until cooking it is dependent on machines. Introduction of new technology made cultivation and harvesting easier.

New tools are built in order to overcome the flaws of older machines.

technology | agricultural tools


You have to say it that the introduction of technology in the communication field made people connect with each other easier.

You don't have to go or wait for a letter to reach them, instead of that you can voice call or video call that person and connect with them in an instant.

So it is a boon to a communication field.

technology | communication

Energy and Power:-

Even you have a technology it is waste until and unless you have the energy to operate it. So to extract and store the energy different technology is used.

At first, the energy is extracted from natural resources using machines and later it is stored to power other machines.

technology | energy and power


To built or to use other technology it is dependent on another one to build it. So basically the machines which are used to manufacture other smaller machines are from the manufacturing unit.

Here raw material is brought and transformed into a finished product using machines.

technology | manufacturing


In the medical field, there is biotechnology. The whole medical field is dependent on technology and with each new invention in biotechnology brings advancement to it.

technology | medical


In this field technology made a huge debt to the people. It made cargo and people to move a lot faster. People can reach longer distance in a shorter time.

technology | transportation


Now you know the seven types of technology. You came to know that in every field we are totally dependent on it.

If you have any question or suggestion comment in the comment box.

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