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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Technology-what is your definition about it?

Each one of us has a different opinion and point of view on technology. Some may see it has an asset to them but some of them it brings only danger to the environment.

So keeping both pro and cons in mind technology has changed our day to day life. Each one of us is dependent on technology and using it in every stage of our life.

So lets us know what is the technology and why we are so dependent on it?



As the single cellular organism started to come together and form a multi-cellular organism, as from the period of first Homosapiens till now we are dependent on technology. 

After the human's brain started to develop, they started to build simple hunting tools to hunt down bigger animals. Many tools where invented so that bigger animals can be taken down easily. This made hunting easy.

But they didn't stop them after that, as they started to form a community and live together. Many tools were invented like tools for farming, to carry the heavy goods carts were invented and many more.


As society started to spread and technology got better and better. This enhancement got environment into danger. But not only that we became dominated species on the planet. Which made us overlooked on the disadvantages of technology and we kept on inventing new things.

Technology-is it good or bad?

TechnologyIf I say drinking water is both good and bad for you because, if you don't drink much water dehydration may cause you a health problem and if you drink more then water may mix into your bloodstream and cause a health issue.

So from above, you can say that to be safe you must maintain a balance between it.

Same with the technology if you are not using it then you can't finish your work in time and if your always dependent and overusing it then you are bringing harm to nature.

Everyone knows that usage of technology became quite regular because it saves both time and resource.

There is nothing good or bad on this planet it is just people with a different ideology. It is the same with the technology there is no good or bad in it. It depends on the person who uses it.

At last, my definition of technology is anything that helps me to solve or work faster from the decided time is technology to me.

Using or depending on technology is good but totally loosing to it is not good. 


It is not something easy to handle or control. But while inventing new technology they should keep in mind, that we are in eco-system and breaking the chain would lead us to our destruction. 

If you have any question or suggestion comment in the comment box. 

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