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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What is blogging?

In the current situation, everyone is obsessed with word or work which is known as blogging. Most commonly everyone thinks blogging is just writing a blog. But there is more into it.

As you know when you come out of your shell you know there is a whole different world. It is the same even in the case of blogging. In beginning everyone makes mistakes but most of them never correct or rechecks.

Let us know what is the element that blogging seeks for or what it is?

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What you think about blogging is it correct or it is something else?

Over the streets or in the area each one of you will find many bloggers. Most of them start blogging to earn but some of them do it because of their passion.

If you have started blogging just to earn then to reach your goal it will take more time then you think. And who knows you may fail badly and will lose your interest.

Blogging is not just earning, it is an art to convey or deliver your thoughts or idea to the required audience.

While blogging there is a certain thing to keep in mind. I will tell you what are those elements you need in blogging.

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Knowing the requirements of your audience? 

A blog is written not for yourself, but it is for your audience. You share your ideology rather than plagiarising others blog.

To begin with, a successful blog you should know what your audience needs. Most of the bloggers fail to understand this fact. Write for others rather than thinking that your audience will read whatever you have gone write.

Everyone knows that content is the king. But it is not all true. The content is only king when your audience is satisfied with reading your blog. Then the content turns to be king.

By doing this you have completed with most of your work.

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Keeping in mind that you are writing to your audience, you will always reach your audience. But keep one thing in mind while writing a blog that your content should convey or solve the problem of your audience.

The content you write should be in continuous flows. And it should be in a way where your audience can understand how to deal with their problem in step by step.


Writing or understanding blogging is simple if you follow it as a passion. Rather than seeking or building it as a way of earning.

I think most of you would know by now that blogging is not just writing articles but it as something more to it.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any question or queries comment in a comment box.  

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