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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Which is best blogger or wordpress?

This is an obvious question each one of you have when you start your blogging career. This defines that whenever you start blogging you want to step your best foot forward. So taking it into account there is many pros and cons.

Many of you may have confused when you started your blogging career which platform to choose. Is it best to choose a free platform like blogger or a paid one WordPress?

Each one of you confused between these two.

Blogger or Wordpress? Both as its own pros and cons, but the best one to you is how professionally and officially you want your website or blog to look. So let us have a comparison between both to know which one is best according to your work.

What is a blogger or Wordpress?

              It is a free platform developed by Google. It was done to support young and interested people to start their blogging career.    

This platform is best for learners.

blogger | wordpress

                     This one is quite different compared to blogger. It as so many configurations and setup according to the interest and requirement of the user.

This platform is paid one.


                The basic interface is very simple and easily understandable by any user. The setting for a blogger can be easily changed according to user interest.

Anyone can easily adjust to its interface. There are not any complicated setups to do. 

                    The usability of Wordpress is a little difficult. In Wordpress, there are more settings to do. But it is not at all a problem you can set up your blog post as you wish rather than compromising like blogger to be steady on one setting.

You can set up your blog post as you wish. Like you can add or remove the elements from the post. As there are more settings to it, you can make your post to look better. 

blogger | wordpress

Which one is best in blogging?

             As you know earlier blogger is a product of Google, so the hosting is pretty strong. It doesn't have any effect on your blog because of more visitors rushing to them. It can handle any amount of visitors.

This is one of the best option freely available in blogger. For a beginner, it the best platform to learn. 

               Over this point in Wordpress, you need to pay so there is a limit that the number of visitors it can handle at a time. The plan you choose to buy in Wordpress matters the most.

Sometimes if the visitors cross the limit, then the blog goes off-site.


At last, it really doesn't matter where you start or which one to choose because of both as to its own benefits. As for my opinion where ever you start your blogging, it doesn't matter if your blog serving its purpose.

If you have any suggestions and question comment in comment box.

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